Rather than using keywords, Surehand matches you with jobs based on the skills, certifications, and qualifications you list in your profile. Employers also search for skilled tradespeople based on these items. The more details you enter, the wider the variety of jobs you will be matched with.

Below you will see some suggestions on how to create an effective Surehand Profile:

1. Complete your To-Do List by adding skills, certifications, and work history

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for something specific, make sure you only select the skills you would like to be hired for. Have welding experience, but aren’t interested in welding jobs? Make sure to “deselect” welding as a skill in your Job Matching Preferences.


2. Introduce yourself in the Biography section


3. Submit your profile for Surehand Review. Surehand Candidate Success Managers will personally review your profile, answer any questions you have and offer advice. 


Have a question? email us at support@surehand.com