You can allow employers to find you based on some skills or certifications you've listed in your profile but not others. This can be helpful if, for example, you have welding as a skill on your profile but you're now a Welding Inspector and you just want to be considered for jobs that involve welding inspection.

First, enter a brief description of the job you would like to do. Here are a few examples.

1. I'm looking for pipeline inspection work.

2. I'm certified as a UT inspector, but I'd like the opportunity to learn Phased Array.

3. I'm currently a welding but I'm looking to get into welding inspection.

Next, take a look at all of the certs, qualifications, or skills in your profile by clicking "More" and then tapping on Job Matching Preferences.  Tap/click on the ones you want to hide from employer searches.

Employers will no longer be able to find you based on this skill.