How do Surehand Groups work?

Surehand Groups allow you to create collections of users for various purposes. Groups also allow you to collaborate with other Surehand Employer users involved in the hiring process. Would you like to create a short list of candidates to reach out to for a specific job? Create a Group. Want to send along a list of qualified candidates to the hiring manager for review?  Invite them to the Group as a Collaborator. Along with Notes and Tags, Surehand Groups will help you stay organized during your hiring process. 

How do I create a new Group?

From your Surehand Employer Dashboard, click on the CREATE GROUP button near the bottom left of the page. Access your Surehand Employer Dashboard anytime by clicking on the SUREHAND logo at the top of any Surehand page.

Fill in the Group Name and add a Group Description then click SAVE. 

Your new Group will now show on your Employer Dashboard as one of the Groups you manage. Click VIEW GROUPS to access your Groups.

How do I add Workers to a Group?

To add workers to a Group, go to their profile and click on the Groups button at the top of their profile. You will be given the option to add the workers to one of your existing groups or to create a new group.

How do I share my group with another Surehand Employer user? 

In order to invite someone as a Collaborator, access your Groups from the Employer Dashboard by clicking View Groups near the bottom left of the page. You can also view your Groups from the Main Menu by clicking the three lines at the top left of any Surehand page, then choosing Groups from the menu. 


Clicking on VIEW GROUPS will take you to all of your managed and shared Groups. Click on the Group you want to view to access the Group. 

To share this Group with another Surehand Employer user, click on ACTIONS at the top right of the page and choose Add a Collaborator.

Enter the email of the Surehand Employer user you want to share with, then click INVITE. An email invite will be sent to the user including a link to the Group. Your Collaborators will be able to view the group workers, as well as add or remove workers. Collaborators will not be able to view your personal Notes and Tags on each Worker Profile.