What are Notes and Tags?

Notes and tags are two different ways of personalizing information about one or more worker profiles. You can create notes about one or more candidates that you can access when you review their profile(s). You can also create custom tags for one or more worker profiles. This gives you ability to create your own custom groups of profiles. You can also search for candidates based on any keywords in the notes you've created or based on the custom tags you've created.

For example, I may create a custom tag called "Short list" that I apply to all the workers I'm interested in for a specific job. By selecting that tag in my Notes and Tags page, I will see all the profiles associated with that tag.

Likewise, I may create a note for several candidates reminding me that I need to check their references. In the Notes and Tags page, I can just type in the word "references" and I will see a list of all workers with the word "references" in a note I've written.

Will workers see the notes and tags I've created?

No. Notes and tags are only visible to you. Surehand may develop features in the future that allow you to share notes or tags with colleagues within your own company. However, you would still need to proactively choose to share notes and/or tags with specific colleagues.

How do I create a note or a tag?

While reviewing a candidate's profile, click on the 'Notes & Tags" button under their name and add your note and/or tag.