Why use Surehand Job Alerts?

Surehand Job Alerts allow you to post jobs that only qualified workers can see. This allows you to spend more time evaluating qualified candidates and less time sorting through resumes of individuals who aren't qualified. Also, as soon as you publish a Job Alert, you'll see a list of qualified candidates so you can pre-screen them before waiting for them to apply.

How are Surehand Job Alerts different from traditional job postings?

Think of Job Alerts as a smarter way to post jobs. Posting a job on a job board is like casting a big net into the ocean. You never know what (or whom) you are going to catch. Your job posting may state that you are looking for a UT Level II, but anyone can respond, regardless of qualifications. Such "self-qualification" floods you with unwanted resumes that need to be screened and sorted through, resulting in lost time and effort. Surehand Job Alerts are only visible to candidates who are qualified to do the work you've specified. 

How do I create a Job Alert?

Access Job Alerts from your Employer Dashboard, by clicking on the SUREHAND logo on any page, or by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of any page. Fill in the required fields in the Job Alerts page then click SAVE DRAFT. Publish your alert when you are ready, or schedule it to be published at a later date. 

Below is a step-by-step walk-through of how to use Job Alerts

From your dashboard, click on the "Create Job Alert" button under Job Alerts

Type in the Job Title, select the relevant Trade(s) and click SAVE

Fill in the required fields (outlined in red). Some fields, like Internal Job ID and fields related to pay/salary, are optional. You can also add a link to the job posting on your website so candidates can apply directly through your platform. 


These are the same search fields you’ll find in the Worker Search tool. In this case, whatever certs or skills you choose here will determine which workers will see this Job Alert. 

Paste a current version of your Job Description or write one from scratch.

When you choose a specific type of position, associated menus will appear. For example, if you choose Contract from the list of position types, you will be prompted to fill in the Job Duration and Time Frame. Salary/Wage is always optional.

We recommend you save a draft so you can come back and work on your Job Alert later before you decide to publish. You can duplicate a Job Alert if you want to create several similar Job Alerts.  This saves you from having to recreate them one at a time. When you are ready to publish your Job Alert, click READY TO PUBLISH? 

You can choose to publish your Job Alert immediately. Or you can schedule when you’d like it to be published.

You can also specify when you’d like your Job Alert to be taken down by specifying an unpublish date.

If you want to take down a Job Alert, you have the following options:

1. Archive your job alert by clicking the EDIT PUBLISH OPTIONS button and choosing Archive Job. This will allow you to access the results of the Job Alert in your Archived section, but the Job Alert will appear as “closed” to workers.

NOTE: After hiring someone found on Surehand, please be sure to checkmark the Filled box found in the Publishing Options for that Job Alert. 

2. Delete the job alert by clicking the TRASH icon. This will immediately un-publish the job alert along with your candidate results. We recommend archiving your Job Alert over deleting them, for this reason. 

How to preview the Workers who will receive your Job Alert:

Once you’ve saved your Job Alert, click on the Candidates tab to immediately see a list of workers that match the skills and certifications you specified. Those workers will receive your Job Alert in their feed/notifications. They will be able to review the opportunity, indicate whether they are interested or not, as well as message you to indicate their interest. 

When you review a candidate you will see a yellow bar at the top of the screen. You can use this bar to thumbs up or thumbs down a candidate. This will not be shared with the candidate and is only for your tracking purposes. 

Within the workers profile you may do the following:

  • Add them to a personal group
  • Add notes and tags
  • Rank the worker based on a 5 star rating

Workers cannot see groups, notes, tags or star ratings. This is your private information.

If you want to contact a candidate or request a resume, click on the yellow MESSAGE button.

When you are finished reviewing candidates, just click the X in the top left corner to return to the top level of your Job Alert results.

At the top level of your Job Alerts, you can view the status of all your alerts including the number of candidates that are interested or have declined, as well as the number of candidates you’ve liked or disliked. Click on any alert to see its details and the list of candidates that are qualified for it.