General advice

Think of your Surehand profile as your career in the cloud. It will never get lost and all of the information you store here can be retrieved and shared wherever and whenever you need it.  Your Surehand profile is always working for you, even if you’re not actively looking for work. Employers search for skill sets like yours every day. So even if you’re not online, employers can find your profile and reach out to you with job opportunities.

Details matter 

Because Surehand employers search for Inspectors based on their skills, certifications, and job preferences, the more specific information you put in your profile, the higher the likelihood you will come up in an employer search.

On Surehand, details matter because your profile won’t be found unless it matches what employers are looking for. Make sure to enter all your certifications, technical training, and skills. You can list the skills you used on each of your jobs and be assured that when an employer reaches out to you, the job they are offering is a great fit for your qualifications.

Spelling and grammar are important

Employers associate correct spelling and grammar with professionalism and attention to detail.  Make sure you’ve reviewed your profile for spelling and grammatical errors.  Or, better yet, have someone else look through it.

Your profile

Your Surehand profile is broken into several sections.

We’ll detail how to fill in each section, below.

Work History

The real power of your Surehand profile comes from the level of detail you can provide in describing your work experiences - and in the ability of potential employers to search by this very detailed information.  


Employers can choose to search for workers by industry so including the industry vertical (Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, etc.) of each job experience is important.


Employers search for prospective employees by the skills listed on their profiles.  As you detail your work experiences, remember to add all the skills you utilized in each job. 


Your skills, along with your certifications and your training, are summarized at the top of your profile in the employer view: 


Why do we call them skills and not certifications?  While you can be certified in many of the skills you do on the job, there are other skills, like Quality Control or Quality Assurance, that do not have specific certification associated with them.  Also, you may perform a skill without being certified.


Be as specific as you can about all your responsibilities.  Bullet pointed lists are fine. 

Codes and Standards

Listing codes and standards here will help employers quickly get and an additional level of detail on the work you performed.

Equipment & Software Packages 

Often, employers are looking for a worker who has experience with a specific type of equipment they use. Including information about the types and models of equipment and software packages you’ve used is helpful.

Manager’s name and email

This information is not visible to employers.  Surehand only uses this to verify your work experience, specifically, confirming that you held the role you’ve indicated as well as start and end dates.


Employers search for Welders on Surehand by entering the Welding Qualifications (processes, forms, weld types, positions, base materials, thicknesses) they are looking for in a candidate, so it's important to include them in your profile.

Once you have entered your Welding Qualifications, you can also upload any qualification documentation you may have.

Industry Certifications

Make sure to include all the certifications you hold.

Including the Cert ID number, date first certified and expiration date allows Surehand to verify your certification.

Why should I care if my certification is verified by Surehand?  Certifications that have been verified by Surehand come up sooner in employer search results.


You can use Surehand to keep track of all your certification documents. These are not visible to employers by default. However, you may choose to share them with specific employers. 


Training & Education

Choose your company or institute from the drop-down menu.  If yours is not listed, please choose “Other” and write in the name of the organization.


Select the type of credential you obtained and optionally list the courses you took or describe the course material. Under this area select the type of skills you were trained in and the approximate number of hours you were trained in each. 

Note: Choosing a skill here will help you be found in employer searches even if you are not yet certified in that skill.

Additional Information

Upload your documents

If you have other documents or images that you’d like to have access to or that you might want to share with prospective employers, you can add them here.  

Driver’s license

Certain types of jobs require a valid driver’s license.  

Additional information

If there is anything you’d like employers to know about you that doesn’t fit into the other sections your profile, this is the place to put them.

If you have questions, please contact us at Surehand support