How does Surehand Worker Search work?

Surehand allows you to quickly identify candidates with the exact skills or certifications you are looking for. You may search by one criteria (e.g. Location) or many.

To start a search, go to your dashboard and click on the yellow Create Search button under Worker Search

Use the ADD CERTIFICATION button to search for all profiles that contain a specific certification. For example, you can search for all candidates who hold an ASNT UT Phased Array Level II certification.

Use the ADD WELDING QUALIFICATION if you want to search for workers in the welding field. Selecting a welding process, material, and position is required. You may also optionally search for by welding types, forms, and codes.

If you are looking for someone who has a specific skill, regardless of certification type, use the ADD SKILL button. Our algorithm will search through each candidate's profile to identify those who have the skills you are looking for.

You may customize your search criteria by clicking CHOOSE TRADE, and checking or unchecking the different search options.

The search results you will be shown are listed in order of relevance. If you enter multiple search criteria, those who meet ALL of your search criteria will be listed at the top of the search results.  

For example, if you choose Certifications = ASNT UT (Ultrasonic) and  MT (Magnetic Particle) as a skill, those candidates with the UT cert AND the MT skill will be listed first.  Those who match only some of your search criteria will be labeled PARTIAL MATCH. 

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature allows you to narrow your search results by various criteria including location, keyword search, type of position (permanent, contract, etc), travel preferences, etc. 

Some of the search criteria allow you to choose more than one value. For example, Location allows you to choose one or multiple states. If you choose to include multiple values from a specific search criteria, the tool will return all results that contain ANY of those values. 

For example, if you search for Location = Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, along with Certifications = ASNT UT (Ultrasonic) Level I and II, you would see results for any ASNT UT Level I OR II that is located in either Texas OR Arizona OR New Mexico.

Note: If Surehand has independently verified a certification, you'll seein the result.

Occasionally you will see a skill with small broken link icon next to it. This indicates that the worker listed the skill in their profile, but has not yet associated the skill with a specific job or training.

Click the pencil icon in the lower-left corner to add or remove tags as well as private notes about the worker. These notes and tags will not be shared with any other users.

To direct message the worker, click the chat iconchat iconin the lower right corner and a message dialog will open. Type your memo and click send to message the user. Ensure you have your notification settings configured to receive replies via SMS or email.