How does Surehand messaging work?

Use Surehand messaging to connect directly with candidates who match the skills you are looking for.  

From the profile view, simply click on the Message button to initiate a conversation with a Surehand candidate:

You can also message workers from the Search Results screen by clicking on the messaging icon in the lower right-hand corner of their profile card:

NOTE: To add a new paragraph within your message, hold the Shift key and then press Return. 

You will be notified about their replies in the following ways:

1. As a message in your Surehand chat window:

To open the message, just click on its title and use the the text box at the bottom of the chat window to reply.

2. As an email (if you’ve set your communication preferences to notify you by email):

To view and respond to a message, click on “Click here to join the chat” link. You will need to login to Surehand to access your messages.

3. As a text message (if you’ve set your communications preferences to notify you by SMS)

If you are notified via text message, you’ll need to log into Surehand to reply.

Can I talk to job candidates outside of Surehand messages?

Of course.  Our goal is simply to connect you with best-fit candidates. Once you’ve connected via Surehand, you’re free to communicate as you see fit.