In this section, you can add all your professional certifications, welding qualifications, and professional licenses.

Click on the + sign to add a Certification. Once you’ve selected the appropriate certifying body, you’ll see a list of the appropriate certifications for that body.

Uploading documentation: If you have documentation related to a certification you can upload a .pdf or .jpg under “Certificate Documents”.  

Just follow these steps:

1.  Click on “Choose file” and select the document you want to upload

2. Enter the name of the document in the “Name document” box

3. Click “Submit Document”

Pro tip: By providing your certification ID and expiration date, Surehand will verify your certification via the certifying body. Having verified certifications means your search results will appear higher on the list than those of non-verified certification holders.

Visibility: Your certification ID is not visible to employers.

Note: If you can't find your certification body listed, select Other and input your certification body and certification type manually.

Welding Qualifications

Click the + sign to add Welding Qualifications

Select all the welding process you have qualified for based on employer weld test you have taken in the past.

Once you select the process you're qualified to do, you will be prompted to select the forms, weld types, positions, and materials you can do as well as years of experience.

Welding Certification

Many welders are certified through their employers and that certification stays with the employer when the job ends. When a welder is certified through a body such as the American Welding Society (AWS) and can take that cert from job to job. If you are certified through a national organization such as AWS, you may indicate this and upload your documentation to your profile.

Professional Licenses

Here, you can add any professional licenses you hold. Examples would be a Plumbing, Electricians, or Elevator Contractor's License. To add other licenses, such as a Commercial Driver's License, please go to "More" and click on "Identity & Memberships."