In this section, you can add all your professional certifications.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate certifying body, you’ll see a list of the appropriate certifications for that body.

Uploading documentation: If you have documentation related to a certification you can upload a .pdf or .jpg under “Certificate Documents”.  

Just follow these steps:

1.  Click on “Choose file” and select the document you want to upload

2. Enter the name of the document in the “Name document” box

3. Click “Submit Document”

Pro tip: By providing your certification ID and expiration date, Surehand will verify your certification via the certifying body. Having verified certifications means your search results will appear higher on the list than those of non-verified certification holders.

Visibility: Your certification ID is not visible to employers.

Note: If you can't find your certification body listed, select Other and input your certification body and certification type manually: